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Buy Infinite Wonders #1

 The first issue of the all new Infinite Wonders by Tristen Bagnall, Nick Cagnetti, and Daniel Ziegler. 24 pages in full color.  It's the red carpet event of the year: the opening night of WonderStruck! The glossy musical based on the man of the year himself, Mr. Wonder, brings Nolan to his strangest superhero gig yet. But the glitz and glam might also lead Nolan to his darkest night in Metro City thus far! 


Buy The Spirit of The Shadows

 74 pages of full color classic horror! Haunting the streets of Teramere are the remnants of a love lost to the aristocracy. The love between Erik Leroux, a poor musician, and the lovely Katrina Laemmle, the daughter of a ruthless industrialist. Little do they know, forces are in play to tear them apart and transform Erik into an undead monster. Now, taking up the mantle of the mythic Spirit of the Shadows, Erik must fight for the life that was taken from him. With love at stake, even death won't stand in his way. 

Pink Lemonade Nick Cagnetti

Buy the Pink Lemonade Holiday Grab-Bag

 The Pink Lemonade Holiday Grab-Bag collects all the Pink Lemonade stories thus far by Nick Cagnetti from 2016-2018 in 24 pages! Also features a brand new 5 page Christmas tale! Each book will come with a Pink Lemonade button and a sketch card. 

Short film

LOST IN THE SHADOWS - short film based on The Spirit of The Shadows

Haunted house

The Spirit of The Shadows Halloween haunted house video  walkthrough